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Hello Kitty Kabobs - Hello KittyHello! Have you ever wondered where Hello Kitty was made or who were those cute characters she is always with? Well, this is the page for you. In the picture you see the bunny wearing the red mask on her ears up to her neck right? That certain bunny is named, "My Melody". My Melody is the bunny who always tilts it's ear. You will see it everywhere because it is one of Hello Kitty's best friend. Next to My Melody you see a frog with pink blushes on it's cheeks, that frog is named, "Kerropi". Kerropi always wears a white suit. He has big eyes and his smile is very funny because it is crooked. Next to Keroppi is Purin. Purin is a yellow dog with a french artist hat on. His ears are cute looking and looks almost like an ordinary dog! Except for that it is cuter!!And now you know My Melody and Kerropi and Purin!

Hello Kitty Kabobs - Hello KittyYou also probably wondered, " who is that strange looking gothic cat?" That cat at the beggining of the paragraphs name is Kuromi. (K-er-o-m-e)
Kuromi is a new member of the hello kitty gang and is a very cute kitty!

This new member happens to be a monkey. This monkey's name is Monkichi. you can get products of Monkichi at Target and more. Monkichi is always in a cheerful mood.
Hello Kitty Kabobs - Hello Kitty

And this is Pandapple! One of my favorites. Pandapple is a panda with blushed cheeks and half a apple cap on it's head. You may not see Pandapple often because most people have not ever heard of him/her. I hope you know now!

And next this is a new member of hello kitty. His name is Minkichi and is a monkey. It eats bannanas and is always in a cheerful mood. Hello Kitty Kabobs - Hello Kitty

The next member is a "long eared wonder pup" said by sanrio. If you are a Hello Kitty freak than yu would know who this is. You may think it was a bunny but, it is a dog. This DOG is named Cinnamoroll. Cinamoroll has blue blushes on his cheeks instead of pink or red.

Hello Kitty Kabobs - Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty is amazing and so cute, Everything about her is adorable in every way. The looks on her face, her cute little outfits, her family and friedns, etc. I love hello kitty. GO KITTY!
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